A-Issues to be covered 

1-Inheritance Tax.  The impact of current tax law on the ability to pass a ranch on to the next generation

2-Succession.  Whether the next generation will be there to take over the ranch

3-Water rights. The impact of cities buying and diverting water from the land

4-Energy.  Oil and wind energy companies interests in buying land and exploring on government land

5-Taxation. Increasing tax rates due to recreational impact and intensive agriculture

6-Climate change. The hardships caused by extended drought conditions

7-Labor.  The ability to find workers to fill the jobs on a working ranch



1-Three to five visits to each of the three ranchs that will serve as the focus of each issue during different seasons over the production period.  Each ranch is in a different state in the West to emphasis the national scope of the issues.

2-Separate visits by writer as needed

3-Sidebar subjects such as rodeos, cowboy gatherings and stock shows to illustrate the lifestyle 


1-Production through December 2016

2-Edit complete by May 2017

3-Premiere Fall 2017