A Call for Year End Tax Deductible Donation


This has been an important year in moving "A Handful of Dust" forward.  We've identified several of the ranches we will profile, and begun shooting on two of them.  Three academic advisors have been brought onboard to help guide the project.  Fiscal sponsorship, which allows tax deductible donations from individuals and foundations  has been secured, and a grant writer is working on proposals that will go out in January.  American Cowboy Magazine did a feature story about the project.  And I've spent time meeting people from the ranching, conservation and environmental worlds to begin building the community that will spread the word about the project.

That said, it has also been a year in which pressures on ranching have escalated.  Because of the extended drought, expanding energy exploration, and more attempts to transfer water rights from ranching communities to cities, conditions are changing.  It all stresses the urgency of getting this project done.

I'd like to ask you to consider making a year end, tax deductible donation to this effort.  Your contribution will enable us to ramp up shooting, capturing what is happening right now across the West.  In the past 30 years, over half a million ranches have gone under, but we can affect the future.  Help us by making a donation today at this link.